Monastery Beach Wedding

A couple days before Bobby and Valerie’s beach wedding, I got to reconnect with a dear old friend who’d moved out of the state. Turns out, he was in California for Bobby and Valerie’s wedding. It had totally slipped my mind that I might be seeing many of the good old boys from my high school days.

Bobby was often an integral part of our high school shenanigan-izers. More often than not, when there was a risky activity that we all wanted someone to do, Bobby was always there… willing… semi-willing… or easily manipulated and coerced into doing it. (Thanks, Bobby.) That’s probably why he was so attracted to Valerie. She’s so sweet, caring, and loving… Probably not the kind of person that would try to launch him headfirst through commercial ceiling tiles, or sling him on a rolling office chair over concrete. (*Sigh* Love…)

I was so excited about their big day. And they didn’t disappoint me (because every wedding I photograph is really about me…). All the key ingredients for a good wedding were there: great people, celebratory beverages, and earnest love. Bobby, Val: your wedding was beautiful. Thanks for letting me celebrate with you!Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0002 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0003 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0004 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0005 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0006 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0007 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0008 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0009 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0010 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0011 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0012 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0013 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0014 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0015 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0016 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0017 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0018 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0019 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0020 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0021 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0022 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0023 Central-Coast-Wedding-Photographer__0024

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