San Luis Obispo Engagement

I met a terrific group of people at Michelle and Nick’s wedding in Big Sur (blog post coming soon). Two of whom are these two: Pearl and Chris. Both are incredibly easy to get along with (and had the same joyful exuberance coming out that I saw in Michelle and Nick during their engagement shoot). Even though that coastal layer invaded our photos, Pearl and Chris couldn’t stop grinning. It caused me realize that the warmth that comes through in these engagement sessions doesn’t come from the sunshine. Such a joy to photograph you two!san-luis-obispo-engagement-photos__0002 san-luis-obispo-engagement-photos__0003 san-luis-obispo-engagement-photos__0004 san-luis-obispo-engagement-photos__0005 san-luis-obispo-engagement-photos__0006 san-luis-obispo-engagement-photos__0007 san-luis-obispo-engagement-photos__0008 san-luis-obispo-engagement-photos__0009 san-luis-obispo-engagement-photos__0010 san-luis-obispo-engagement-photos__0011 san-luis-obispo-engagement-photos__0012 san-luis-obispo-engagement-photos__0013 san-luis-obispo-engagement-photos__0014 san-luis-obispo-engagement-photos__0015 san-luis-obispo-engagement-photos__0016 san-luis-obispo-engagement-photos__0017

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