Scout Coffee banner-smallWe love us some coffee.

There is no shortage of great places to sit and drink and talk and drink in downtown SLO. Bars, sure. But more beloved and central to SLO life are our coffee shops. And we’ve got a shop for every kind of character.

Feeling like you need a good dose of joy? Head to Sally Loo’s for some bright and cheery. Feeling ultra-SLOcal? Park your bike at Linnaea’s. Feeling hipster? Slide your skinny jeans into a seat at Kreuzberg. Feeling like you could cram a giant muffin in your mouth? Hop in line at Black Horse.

You might think we’ve got everything coffee-wise a person could want. Anything new might be more of the same.


Welcome Scout Coffee Co.ScoutCoffeeCo_SanLuisObispo-02ScoutCoffeeCo_SanLuisObispo-22ScoutCoffeeCo_SanLuisObispo-23ScoutCoffeeCo_SanLuisObispo-03Meet Jon and Sara Peterson, the owners.


These two are quite the team—he’s a designer, marketer, business guru. She’s a top-notch (read: nationally recognized) barista, interior designer, master of operations and hospitality. Together, they’re an incredibly kind, sweet couple, that have added something beautiful to our beloved downtown. Thanks, Jon and Sara!

I highly recommend… anything there. So far, everything’s been great. (If you floundering in indecision, go for the ginormous cookie; it’s as good as it is big).
ScoutCoffeeCo_SanLuisObispo-07ScoutCoffeeCo_SanLuisObispo-12  ScoutCoffeeCo_SanLuisObispo-13

Oh yeah, and they make their own almond milk, which is fantastic too. (Apparently, almonds don’t actually have udders. Learn something new everyday.)


ScoutCoffeeCo_SanLuisObispo-27  ScoutCoffeeCo_SanLuisObispo-29ScoutCoffeeCo_SanLuisObispo-33

Yes, you will see Sara there, making award-winning cappuccinos. Beautiful latte art and very high-quality espresso. These two hail from Verve. And they make good use of their stunning white La Marzocco FB/80, polished daily with espresso fanatic drool. Not really, that violates the health code. Point is, it’s unparalleled for pulling AMAZING shots.


ScoutCoffeeCo_SanLuisObispo-36  ScoutCoffeeCo_SanLuisObispo-39



The price of one cup of coffee gets you so much more than one cup of coffee here. Pop in to Scout, say hi to Jon and Sara, grab a seat and enjoy the rain. If you’ve got photos of the coffee shops we love here in SLO, post em and tag em #LoveInSLO

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