about Matt


My story starts in San Jose, California, about a 15 minute drive from where my wife’s story began.

We met in an English 1A class at our local community college, and after we finished putting in our time at Cal Poly, we were married at the beautiful See Canyon Fruit Ranch on July 3rd, 2010.

Today, my beautiful farmer wife and I are blessed to be living in SLO. We have three adorable chickens (Charlie, Winnie, and Molly) and a crazy-cute (but also just crazy) Wirehaired Vizsla puppy named Willa; we get to live in a rural spot with a great view of the stars and plenty of outdoor space and dream of one day owning our own small farm, where we can rise with the sun, drink great coffee together, and put our hands in the dirt.

My wife and I cherish simple living. And though we’re not always great at it, we yearn for a lifestyle of slowing down to feel each moment—to live in the present.

To me, some of life’s best moments happen at weddings.

They’re the only events where you get to surround yourselves with all your family and dear friends; where you get to announce your love and commitment to the love of your life before them all; and where you get to celebrate with great food and drinks in honor of that loving commitment.

Weddings are historic occasions that should be tucked snugly in our memories…

Which brings me to my teammate, my camera.

Our mission is to preserve the richness of your heyday. There will be times when life seems to freeze, times when you wish it’d slow down; there will be moments of intense seriousness and also of joy; there will be wet eyes and also cheeks tired from laughing. We go to weddings to capture the moments you don’t ever want to forget, and to show you some others that you may have missed amid all the joyous hullabaloo. We go to weddings to soak it all up so that at the end we can give it all back.